Dryer Vent Cleaning

Homeowners often forget about their dryer vents, yet regular dryer vent cleaning will not only improve the efficiency of their dryer, it can help prevent lint build-up which can be a contributing factor to house fires.

Having your dryer vent serviced by Okanagan Heating & Air Conditioning Ltd will help sustain proper air flow and drying time. Cleaning not only your lint catcher but the actual dryer vent will remove the excess lint and hair that has built up in and around the drum as well as the vent to the exterior of the home. The leading cause of home clothes dryer fires is failure to clean them.

Okanagan Heating & Air Conditioning dryer vent service.

Might be time for dryer vent cleaning???

Dryer Vent Cleaning Check List

  • Check Operation
  • Disconnect power source
  • Remove hose back of dryer attach 17000 CFM vacumn and cycle unit
  • Remove & clean Lint trap
  • Clean in and around unit
  • Remove debris through the vent system to the exterior of home
  • Apply 190 PSI compressed air to dislodge stuck on lint fibers
  • Inspect Venting
  • Remove old plastic vent & supply and install rigid metal vent (if applicable)
  • Instruct customer on any faults or repairs
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