The ductless mini-split is an amazing and innovative solution in the search for truly distributed heating and cooling, and the conditioning of air.

Because the inside fan coils are so small, every room now can have its own unit and each room can have its own temperature. Each room will get exactly the right amount of heating, cooling or dehumidification that it needs.


There are really only three options when it comes to adding air conditioning to your home: window air conditioners, central air, and the mini-split system.

The mini-split systems are growing in popularity because of the unique benefits that they bring to the table.

Savings on the Overall System Cost

One of the biggest things when it comes to an air conditioning systems that you have to think about is the cost of that system. Thinking about a central air conditioning system, a traditional one with air ducts and such, the installation cost of such a system is going to be very high. The cost to run all of the ductwork, to hook up the electricity, get the condenser unit outside, all of that is going to really add up. This makes the central system the most expensive option.

A mini-split AC system is the best of both worlds, as you get all of the savings in terms of low installation costs that you get from a window air conditioning set-up, with the energy efficiency gains you get from a traditional central air conditioning system.

Quick and Easy Install

When it is hot out, you do not want to be waiting weeks for a professional to come out and then spend another week or two trying to install a central air conditioning system with the ducts. A mini-split AC can be installed in a day or less in most cases, giving you near instant relief.

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