Our technicians are professionally trained to follow a very thorough 17-point checklist!

Regular maintenance helps your unit's efficiency. As in any mechanical system, maintenance can help prevent costly breakdowns and make the unit last longer and we recommend a yearly maintenance appointment. Okanagan Heating & Air Conditioning Ltd's licenced, bonded and insured technicians are professionally trained to conduct a very thorough 17-point check, which combines tune-up, safety check and cleaning of your central air conditioning system.

Air Conditioner and your Dog:

Dog urine contains chemicals that eat away aluminium and can ruin your air conditioner. Unfortunately, many air conditioner fins and coils are coated in this metal, and with time the fins become dust and the coils begin to leak. The refrigerant will leak out, and within a matter of hours or days the system could be emptied. When this happens to your unit, you run the risk of burning out the condenser, and the holes created by the urine are often enough to destroy the unit completely. This entire process could occur within about a year's time, and once damage has reached this magnitude, replacement is really the only option. If you find this an issue at your home, you should put some protective boundaries in place, such as fencing, around the condensing unit.

**If you use an Air conditioning cover in the winter, be sure to remove it before starting your unit.**

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  • check condensate drain
  • check condensate pump
  • check thermostat
  • check belts and pulleys
  • check for proper motor as to size and amperage
  • check safety controls
  • check compressor
  • wash condensing unit
  • check air vents
  • check freon level
  • check fan compartment
  • check wiring connections
  • oil fan motor if possible
  • clean fan filter
  • check pressures and temperature accuracy
  • run through cycle
  • advise customer of any faults or needed repairs

BEFORE YOU CALL: Know the difference between setting up an annual maintenance appointment and a service call.

Being mindful of your system's maintenance is important to you and your serviceman. Determining the difference between maintenance and service is relatively simple and saves you time and money! Maintenance is virtually an “oil change” for your home heating and cooling equipment. This keeps everything operating at prime levels. This is a simple annual tune-up and cleaning of your equipment. So if everything is in working order and just needs a fine tuning, MAINTENANCE is where it's at.

Service/Diagnostic involves repair when a unit is not working properly, not working at all, or is experiencing anything out of the normal daily functions.

Sometimes it's the things we least expect. A few simple steps can help your wallet!

  1. Most programmable digital thermostats have batteries. Giving these a changeover at least twice a year should keep everything communicating effectively.
  2. Changing the furnace filter is extremely important to the preformance and longevity of your furnace, replacing the filter up to as regularly as every two months with a proper fitting filter can make the difference in safe operation.
  3. Last but not least, check the main power switch - sometimes, the power switch can be mistaken for a regular light switch and can get accidentally turned off.

When should you replace :

  • When the cost of the repairs is about 50% or more of the cost of replacement
  • When the unit requires frequent repairs
  • When humidity problems signal operating issues
  • When the Warranty has expired
  • When high dust and low air quality problems are present
  • When the furnace is more than 15 years old and heat pump or a/c is more than ten years of age .

When should you repair :

  • When the cost of repairs is less than one third the cost of a new unit
  • When the unit is less than 10 years old
  • When the unit is still under warranty.

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