Regular maintenance is an important way to keep your gas fireplace looking new and help prevent future service issues.


Okanagan Heating & Air Conditioning Ltd only utilizes the services of trained gas technicians to work with your fireplace. If gas is not dealt with properly, there is a potential for injury or other disasters.

Our licenced, bonded and insured professionally trained technicians conduct a very thorough 15-point tuneup, safety check and cleaning of your gas fireplace, for your peace of mind and overall comfort.

Okanagan Heating & Air Conditioning Combination Packages


  • log placement
  • air shutter adjustment
  • check glass door gasket
  • check millivolt reading (T-Pile)
  • check millivolt reading (T-Couple)
  • clean glass
  • clean pilot
  • clean burner
  • clean T-pile and T-couple
  • clean fan (some models)
  • check safety limit
  • check fan limit switch
  • check draft for air pressure
  • check venting connections
  • check wiring connections
  • check gas connections
  • check for proper operation
  • clean louvres

Never let an unqualified person work on any gas appliance!



New fireplace installations are available, please call our office for further details.

BEFORE YOU CALL: Know the difference between setting up an annual maintenance appointment and a service call.

Being mindful of your system's maintenance is important to you and your serviceman. Determining the difference between maintenance and service is relatively simple and saves you time and money! Maintenance is virtually an “oil change” for your home heating and cooling equipment. This keeps everything operating at prime levels. This is a simple annual tune-up and cleaning of your equipment. So if everything is in working order and just needs a fine tuning, MAINTENANCE is where it's at.

Service/Diagnostic involves repair when a unit is not working properly, not working at all, or is experiencing anything out of the normal daily functions.

Sometimes it's the things we least expect. A few simple steps can help your wallet!

  1. Most programmable digital thermostats have batteries. Giving these a changeover at least twice a year should keep everything communicating effectively.
  2. Changing the furnace filter is extremely important to the preformance and longevity of your furnace, replacing the filter up to as regularly as every two months with a proper fitting filter can make the difference in safe operation.
  3. Last but not least, check the main power switch - sometimes, the power switch can be mistaken for a regular light switch and can get accidentally turned off.

When should you replace :

  • When the cost of the repairs is about 50% or more of the cost of replacement
  • When the unit requires frequent repairs
  • When humidity problems signal operating issues
  • When the Warranty has expired
  • When high dust and low air quality problems are present
  • When the furnace is more than 15 years old and heat pump or a/c is more than ten years of age .

When should you repair :

  • When the cost of repairs is less than one third the cost of a new unit
  • When the unit is less than 10 years old
  • When the unit is still under warranty.

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